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Our Parent company is formed

CellResearch Corporation Pte. Ltd.

In 2002 CellResearch Corporation was incorporated as a contract research organisation. Founded by Mr Gavin Tan, Dr Ivor Lim & Dr Phan Toan Thang, the companies goal was to work with pharmaceutical companies, institutions and skincare companies to research skin. The company has since done contract research for the likes of Pfizer, GSK, J&J as well as LVMH to name a few. All with the focus being on skin, skin cells and scar tissue.

CellResearch Corporation was also set up to be a skin, scar and keloid cell bank. Collecting skin tissue storing it and expanding it for use in trials. To this day we still supply skin cells to labs and universities across Asia for research purposes.

Cord lining stem cells discovered

the breakthrough

In 2004 Dr Phan Toan Thang, Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, was exploring the outgrowth of Umbilical Cord Lining harvested post birth without any harm to the mother or child for skin to be used as a skin graft.

After leaving the Cord Lining in a cell maintenance media over night and revisiting it the next day he noticed a strange occurrence - the cells that he was viewing through the microscope were not what he expected. They did not have the typical characteristics of the skin cells that were hypothesised to be there. They were in fact stem cells.

This is the moment, unknowingly at the time, that the company he co-founded was no longer a contract research organisation, but a stem cell research company.

This technology is now globally patented.

CellResearch Corp partners with Cord Blood Banks

Cord Banking

CordLabs a wholly owned subsidiary of CellResearch Corporation was formed to partner with Cord Blood Banks, licensing proprietary Cord Lining Stem Cell technology to open up a new offering to customers.

Cord Blood Banks which harvest and store Umbilical Cord Blood after birth came into existence in the early 1990's after the discovery that it is a great source of hematopoietic stem cells. This is a blood precursor stem cell and was seen as an alternate to bone marrow for stem cell transplantation.

Cord Lining has been found to contain Mesenchymal and Epithelial Stem Cells. These are inner organ tissue and lining tissue precursor stem cells respectively. This has opened up two different variations of Stem Cells that these Stem Cell banks can offer to their customers.

Cellresearch corp creates a line of clinically dispensed skincare

CALECIM® Is born

The majority of early research done by CellResearch Corp was focused on chronic and hard to heal wounds, with the goal of creating globally approved drugs for indications such as Chronic Diabetic Wounds.

While the barrier to entry and in turn the time to market for drugs is protracted, the team at CellResearch Corporation realised there was a way to get this technology out to consumers faster.

The name CALECIM® comes from Cord Lining Conditioned Media - while cosmetic products cannot contain any stem cells they can contain the proteins naturally secreted by them. These proteins include; growth factors, cytokines, peptides and exosomes. They work as messaging signals to ones own cells to rejuvenate and this is how CALECIM® was born. Harnessing wound healing technology and applying it to skin rejuvenating cosmetics.

CellResearch corp begins it's clinical trials, using cord lining stem cells for chronic wounds

Our first US FDA Trial Commences

In 2019 the US FDA approved CellResearch Corporation's first ever Investigational New Drug Application. This is for the use of CorLiCyte® on Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers and is currently in Phase I of the clinical trial process.

CorLiCyte® is the name of the drug developed by CellResearch Corporation. It is Cord Lining Mesenchymal Stem Cells harvested, cultured, stored and prepared using proprietary techniques developed by CellResearch Corporation. This is the technology that was adapted in order to produce the CALECIM® Professional line.

On top of wound healing, CellResearch has a wide ranging pipeline of other indications being targetted with Cord Lining Stem Cells. These include oncology, auto-immune and neurodegenerative diseases to name a few.

Aiming high

Calecim® continues to forge it's path

Today the brand is present in over 20 countries around the world and has been widely published in both medical and consumer press.

At CALECIM® we strive to continue harnessing what is an incredible technology to develop products that deliver outstanding results for our clinic partners and their patients.

This year we have released the Advanced Hair System, making CALECIM® not just a skincare brand but also a haircare brand.

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