Advanced Hair System 6x5ml

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CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System contains a high concentration of PTT-6™, a proprietary technology that contains thousands of stem cell-derived proteins, growth factors, cytokines & exosomes. 

The Advanced Hair System is designed to assist practitioners in treating clients with a number of different hair-thinning issues. The product is applied in conjunction with a treatment/activator to get optimal absorption into the scalp. This treatment is done weekly for 6 weeks. 

The Advanced Hair System can also be used following hair transplant procedures to enhance the final result of the treatment and to reduce downtime.  

Features & Benefits: 

  • Restoring normal hair follicle cycle
  • Reducing scalp derived inflammatory proteins
  • Providing hair follicle support
  • Conditioning scalp skin

If you are using this product with the Activator, please check you are in line with your local regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with specific regional guidelines. This includes confirming permissibility of using an Activator in your practice's setting.

CALECIM<sup>®</sup> Professional

Unique, Patented Stem Cell Technology

Parent company of CALECIM® Professional, CellResearch Corporation, is a biotechnology company that discovered the presence of stem cells in the umbilical cord lining 10 years ago. It has been found that this is the richest source of epithelial and mesenchymal stem cells from a non-embryonic source. CALECIM® Professional draws on its parent company’s patented stem cell knowledge that is currently also being utilized in US FDA clinical trials for wound-healing.

There are great synergistic benefits from cord lining stem cell research that can be applied to a clinical skincare range that is accessible to everyone.

The active ingredient of CALECIM® Professional is produced in cosmetic-GMP- and ISO-certified laboratories by CellResearchCorp., which owns the patented technology for scientifically derived stem cells from cord-lining tissue.

The Anti-Aging Stem Cell Authority:
Stem Cell Therapy for Your Skin

CALECIM® Professional is a proprietary formula developed from skin regeneration technology. Scientists have discovered how proteins derived from Cord Lining Stem Cells are able to treat symptoms of aging. These proteins direct skin cells to behave in a youthful manner by sending “Youth Messages” that encourage glycoprotein production at multiple layers and restore healthy skin function.

See these in-vitro results for evidence of skin renewal and restoration in skin samples.

Evidence of Increased Epidermal Proliferation

In-vitro tests using aged skin keratinocytes and fibroblasts reveal:

A significant increase in epidermal cell proliferation was observed from Day 6 onwards after exposure to Cord Lining Conditioned Media.

Evidence of Increased Epidermal Proliferation

Evidence of Accelerated Repair

In-vitro tests using a lab cell-culture model for wound healing reveal:

Cells exposed to Cord Lining Conditioned Media proliferate and migrate to close scrape wound in only 40 hours, compared to the control which had not achieved full closure.

Evidence of Accelerated Repair

Evidence of Increased Dermal and Epidermal Fullness

In-vitro tests using a 3-dimensional skin equivalent to assess skin density reveal:

Exposure to Cord Lining Conditioned Media increased cell proliferation, resulting in increased epidermal and dermal thickness of between 500% to 700%.

Evidence of Increased Dermal and Epidermal Fullness

CALECIM<sup>®</sup> Professional skincare

All CALECIM® Professional skincare contain extracts of umbilical cord lining, providing skin with:

  • Consolidated Peptides or Gylcoproteins: play important role in intercellular cross-talk; important in the delivery of skin rejuvenating “Youth Messages”
  • Soluble Collagen: provides skin with strength, shape and form
  • Albumin: maintains skin turgor and fullness
  • Fibronectin: binds to collagen, increasing its strength
  • Hyaluronic Acid: binds to water molecules to plump up skin