At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that the foundation of healthy hair and skin is established in the clinic & salon. Our commitment is to equip you, the professionals, with clinically-tested, high-quality products and technology that inspire confidence in your craft.

As Calecim gains recognition, we've noticed an increase in product diversion to unauthorized sellers. In response to this, we've conducted thorough investigations and pursued legal actions to halt these unauthorized sales. Our focus is to safeguard the Calecim brand, ensuring that both you and your clients always receive genuine Calecim products from approved vendors.

To combat these challenges more effectively, we are introducing the following anti-diversion measures:

  1. Anti-Diversion Agreement: Every customer account purchasing through a distributor will be required to sign an anti-diversion agreement.
  1. Authorized Seller Symbol: We have developed an Authorized Seller Symbol for use by certified sellers of Calecim products. This symbol:
    a. Acts as a guarantee of authenticity, helping you and your clients identify genuine Calecim products.
    b. Will be backed by strict legal action against unauthorized sellers misusing it.
    c. Will be prominently displayed on our official website, where we will also list all Authorized Sellers.

  2. Track and Trace Program: We are introducing a comprehensive track and trace system. This technology will allow us to monitor each product through the distribution chain. The full implementation schedule, including other products, will be communicated as it becomes available.

  3. Limited Product Warranty: This warranty is exclusive to purchases from authorized sellers. Both distributors and Authorized Sellers will provide information about this warranty in-store and online.

These initiatives are designed to ensure the authenticity and quality of Calecim products in your hands. Please be aware, products bought from unauthorized sources or without Calecim branded packaging are not covered by our quality guarantee or limited warranty.

Your role in this community is invaluable, and we encourage your continued vigilance in reporting any suspected diversion activities via this form or at diversion@calecim.com. For warranty concerns, please contact warranty@calecim.com