Increase repeat

  • Easy to set-up
  • Complete traceability
  • Delivery Directly to your Customers


CALECIM® Connect
is a system built to assist clinics with inventory control and to improve repeat purchase rate.

We all know that when a patient leaves the clinic with the skincare prescribed to them there is a chance that when it runs out they will just order the next best thing online rather than return to the clinic to replenish.

Now they can have the convenience of repurchasing online and you will get a 30% cut of the total order value.


 Signing up takes just 1 minute.

Once signed up you will be taken to your independent dashboard - from here you will be able to see your unique referral link and your unique discount code.

You will then be able to embed your referral link on your website, social media posts, emails, videos, in-clinic QR codes and any other touch points you have with your patients to allow them easy access to replenishment.


How Do I Track Patient Purchases?

You can login to your dashboard to view customer purchases. By clicking on the individual transaction you will have access to see which patient it is, what products they purchased and the total order value. You will also be able to see any transactions which were refunded or returned.  

How Do I Organise Payout of Commission?

From the Dashboard you can view your payments received and pending payments. You can also set-up how you would like to received your commission for now we offer; Via PayPal, Bank Transfer or via Credit Note for Clinic Purchases.

What Happens if the patient goes to the Website and Leaves Then Purchases Later?

The tracking cookie will be linked to that customer so even if they were to leave and come back your referral will still be picked up by the system. Additionally anyone using your discount code will automatically be added as one of your customers in the system.

What Happens for Repeat Purchases by my Patients on the Website?

They will still be tracked for up to 90 days on your tracking cookie and if they are using your discount code the system will recognise the customer as yours. Also your discount code can be used an infinite amount of times by the customer. So as long as they use your discount code the
commission will be recognised.

What if One of My Patients Purchases and Doesn't use My Referral Link or Code?

If you know of a patient who has purchased on your recommendation but hasn't used any of the tracking features please inform your account manager and they will check to see if the patient has ordered. If they have the invoice will be added to your referrals and you will be able to see it in the Dashboard.

How Quick is The Fulfilment to My Patients?

Products are shipped locally in the US and UK and take a maximum of 4 working days to reach the customer. Typically it is faster, although this is dependant on location and order volume at that time. If there is a unforeseen delay CALECIM® will inform the customer directly. Orders outside the UK and US may be subject to shipping fees and will have delivery within 10 days of the order.