Dr. Dan Kim

Dr. W. Olaya, M.D., Kate Kim, Dr. D. Kim, M.D.

Mission Viejo, California, U.S.A

CALECIM® Serum Reduces CO2 Laser Treatment Erythema & Edema: A Randomized Controlled Double-blind Split-face Trial


Laser resurfacing procedures continue to gain in popularity as a non-surgical method for facial rejuvenation and treatment for photo-damaged skin. However, post treatment pain, erythema and edema can persist for over a week.
CALECIM® is a novel cosmetic product used topically to beautify and promote attractiveness of the facial skin.


A total of 13 healthy subjects were prospectively evaluated and photographed prior to a full-face fractionated carbon dioxide laser treatment.
CALECIM® was applied to half of the face (the side of the face was randomly selected and blinded to the participant and treating physician) and a control of basal media was placed on the contralateral side.
Patients continued to place the CALECIM® and the basal media on the appropriate sides of the face twice a day for the next 7 days.
Photos were taken prior to the procedure, at 1 hour post procedure, at 3 hours post procedure, on day 2, on day 4, and the last photo was taken at 7 days. All photos were evaluated by an independent blinded plastic surgeon for erythema, edema, and pore size. Patients also self-evaluated at one hour and at the completion of the trial


Twice as many patients in the control group had more erythema on the control side of the face when compared to the CALECIM® treated side of the face post procedure. The CALECIM® treated side had less edema starting at 3 hours post laser resurfacing and the effect continued for 7 days in a majority of the patients.
All patients reported a decrease in pain on the CALECIM® treated side, starting on day 2.
clinical abstract results


Treatment with CALECIM® after fractionated carbon dioxide laser treatment decreases erythema (redness), edema (swelling), and pain in the early stages of healing.
clinical abstract conclusion