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Practitioners Recommend CALECIM®

“CALECIM® Serum has proven its value many times over as a great adjunct to post operative laser skin care. Its efficacy is undeniable with its anti-inflammatory property and its ability to decrease swelling and erythema. Immediately after the laser treatment patients feel less discomfort which loops back to increased compliance as they heal over time.”

Dr Daniel Kim M.D.

Plastic Surgery Associates, Orange County

“I’m selective when I collaborate, but making the decision to affiliate with CALECIM® was a no-brainer. CALECIM® Professional is particularly exciting because of the extensive body of science behind it. This is the first time that cord lining stem cells – or stem cells in general – are being truly utilized in skincare health.”

Dr Mitchel Goldman, M.D.

Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, San Diego

"I have just concluded a 4-week trial using CALECIM® Multi-Action Cream, and have been quite impressed with the changes in my patients’ skin, even after only 2 weeks of use. In addition to an improved overall complexion, I have observed increased skin fullness resulting in a lifting effect, a tighter jawline, elevated eyebrows, and enhanced facial definition."

Dr Ziv Peled, M.D.

Peled Plastic Surgery, San Francisco